Third BioArt Workshop in Austria
Анастасия Сергиенко

In June 03-07, 2019 Danube University Krems (DUK) hosted BioArt Consortium for 3rd BioArt workshop on artificial implants.  V’ycheslav Voloshyn, Rector of PSTU, Oleksandr Azarkhov, the Head of the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Olena Sorochan, Senior Lecture of the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering took part in this workshop.

The meeting program was very fruitful and includes as much as possible visits to university’s laboratories and delivering of teaching/training materials, which will be implemented in BioArt innovative program in Partners countries:

  • Impulse lecture on Biomechanics and visit of biomechanics labs, where participants conduct discussion on operating bio labs between research and teaching needs ;
  • Expert talks on lectures : small impulse statements and discussion, integration in curricula, teaching etc.;
  • Visit of Bio-Lab at DUK and core facility on bio imaging- introduction and hands-on practice on electron microscopy;
  • Visit of student laboratories of university of applied sciences Krems;
  • Presentation of pilot teaching (lectures, labs, seminars, equipment);
  • Design of implantable devices and biosensor systems: magnetic sensors for biomedical applications , wearables in medical applications , machine learning , MEMS sensors for implantable devices;
  • Workshops/visits of leading research institutes in the area of medical devices, 3D printing: introduction of ecoplus and the technology center, FOCTEC (3d printing), AIT (Sensor applications and clinical testing labs), ACMIT (active implant; training facilities);
  • Innovation transfer session: generating innovation from university teaching and research (incubators, networking with innovation agency, spin off and knowledge transfer, goals and needs of industry, Enabling students and researchers entrepreneurship), which include introduction of accent and Lower Austrian innovation empowerment, best practice FlexTrex, best practice of Saphenus -bioartificial implants.

In the framework of BioArt meeting at DUK the external evaluation session was hold. Elena Eyngorn from Technical University of Berlin was approved by BioArt consortium as an external evaluator. During review meeting participants were introduced on review process and overview of project. First oral feedback of the evaluator allowed the consortium to get a quick feed back if the project reached its objectives and BioArt impact on sustainable development.

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