BioArt BioLabs
Анастасия Сергиенко

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering of PSTU now are working on establishing the new laboratories, which will be used by students and teachers in the study process of BioArt innovative Master program.

Staff of the Biomedical Engineering Dept. presented the achievements of Bionic Labs’ creation for V’yacheslav Voloshyn,  Rector of PSTU . In the framework of BioArt PSTU is  purchasing and installing new mordent equipment for BioArt Study:

  • 3D printer Flashforge Inventor, 3D printer Ultimaker 2+,3D scanner BQ Ciclop-study of the basics of 3D printing in bioengineering;
  • Virtual Reality System, multimedia projector, smart board – for study of the basics of physiology and anatomy of human body and the basics of implantology;
  • Tribometer “Micron-tribo”- for sliding wear testing according to “pin-on-disc” or “ball-on-disc” schemes (with on-line registration of friction force and friction coefficient). Test of materials in conditions, which are close to the conditions of artificial joints;
  • Profilometer “Micron-alpha”-for analysis of the results of wear tests (3D-imagining the worn surface, characterizing the worn surface roughness, studying the wear mechanism, determining volume loss caused by wear test);
  • PC for tribometer- PC for the registration and processing of tribo-testing data;
  • Analytical balances RADWAG АS 60 / 220.R2 – to determine mass loss caused by wear test;
  • Grinding and polishing machine- for the preparation of the specimens for testing. Pure manufacturing of samples for friction testing on a tribond;
  • Rough grinding machine for metal ORTI grind SM 300– for the study on correlation “microstructure –tribological behavior”. Rough manufacturing of samples for friction tests on a tribond;
  • Ultrasonic and magnetic laser therapy apparatus,6-channel electrocardiograf 600G, Tester Siglent SDS1102CML, Electromagnetic field tester Impulse Soeks- as an example of therapeutic equipment. To study the basics of testing and diagnostic equipment maintenance;
  • Portable ultrasound DP10 Mindray, the device for electrophoresis and electrotherapy MIT-EF2, Darsonval Nova 340 device, apparatus for miostimulyation Medinteh AEST-01 –as an example of therapeutic equipment. To study the basics of testing and diagnostic equipment maintenance.

All these will be used for equipping of 4 laboratories: Each Labs will be used for educational and research purpose in the framework of certain areas of master’s training in biomedical engineering

  1. Laboratory of 3D-printing. The Lab is intended for classes of the bases of design and additive manufacturing the implants by means of 3D-printing.
  2. Laboratory of virtual reality. The Lab is intended for classes on physiology and anatomy of human body and on the bases of prosthetics.
  3. Laboratory for biotribological testing. The Lab is aimed to conduct (in the framework of MA graduation thesis) the testing of tribological behavior concerning biocompatible materials and relevant strengthening technologies intended for the manufacturing human articular implants.
  4. Laboratory of the diagnostics of medical equipment. The Lab will be aimed to studying and mastering the method of diagnosing/testing the working condition and the functioning of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment.
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