System of maritime transport of dangerous goods

On April 06, 2021 SERVICE OFFICE CRENG PSTU has launched an innovative program “Increasing the Level of Competencies for the Industry” on “Crisis and risk engineering in the international system of maritime transportation of dangerous goods of classification group УКТЗЕД: 2904201000”

The international shipping system is a key area of all types’ industry ​​activities in the region. However, despite the widely developed system of seaports, the participants of the system face a number of unresolved issues, including: imperfection of legislation and document flow, a complicated system of regulations and rules of operation in the standard and emergency situation of coastal services and crews of ships in international shipping etc. Risks and rules of insurance of cross-border maritime transportation are the serious challenge as well.

In order to immediately respond to the modern challenges in the transport and logistics system, teachers of Pryazovskyi State Technical University (SHEI “PSTU”) participating in the CRENG project have developed and implemented a program that meets the regional needs of industry and aims to master special professional, legal and organizational competencies in the field of crisis and risk management, methods and opportunities to ensure the sustainable provision of transport services in the international system of maritime transportation of dangerous goods.

The participants of the pilot program are the leaders, engineers and managers of RPE “Zarya” – the leading company in chemical industry of Ukraine.

SERVICE OFFICE CRENG PSTU and RPE “Zarya” implements the program, which was developed according project CRENG achievements in the following areas:

1. Legal mechanisms of the international organization IMO, implemented in the system of safe handling of cargo 1 class of danger ADR 1 (DEST 19433-88) in seaports.

2. ADR 1 cargo documentation system (manifest, cargo plan, etc.) for loading on ships “foreign” for routes to countries including Latin America.

3. The system of regulations and rules of coast guard services and crews of a seagoing vessel’ operation in the standard and abnormal situation during the international maritime transportation of goods of class 1 danger ADR 1.

4. Risks and rules of insurance for cross-border sea transportation of goods of the 1st class of danger ADR (Warning of the Institute of London Insurers (ICC)).

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