Expected results

І. Development and pilot teaching of  9 core and 3 transferable curricula and modules in BA and MA study programmes in Material Engineering.

  • Core curricula courses: Basics of material science including fatigue behavior (BA); Computational thermodynamics in materials design (MA); Light weight materials for transportation applications (MA); technologies and applications of superconductive materials, microstructure investigation techniques, Damage and reliability of materials (MA); CAD-CAM Siemens NX (BA/MA), Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (BA/MA), Strengthening technologies for materials treatment.
  • Transferrable curricula courses: Effective communication with groups, presentation techniques (BA/MA); Survival in Labor Market (career management) (BA/MA); Project management (business planning, funding, marketing, performance) (BA/MA).

ІІ. Creation and pilot running of a new professionally-oriented infrastructure that is integrated into the learning process:

  • PC pool for training in CAD/CAM;
  • Materials Information Technology Labs (MITL);
  • Master-classes on pilot operation of MITL.

III. Retraining of academic staff (including trainings and workshops at EU universities) and training of mentors from the partner enterprises in the new curricula methodologies;

ІV. Establishing and launching pilot operation of Material Engineering Service-Office (MESO) and their network with stakeholders support.