Project implementation

“Best Book of the Year Awards – 2018”

This year 46 authors of individual books and 127 authors in multi-authored collections presented their works. The competition for 11 nominations was submitted to 51 editions, including one textbook in electronic format. The feature of the competition was the participation of authors from Germany and Spain, represented by the international literary club “Moryana”. The festival “Book and Press of Mariupol” was attended by representatives of the 4th German-Ukrainian Writers’ Meeting in Ukraine “Eine Brücke aus Papir”, a non-profit organization “Kulturallmende” (Munich, Germany).

The winners of the  “The Best Book of the Year Awards -2018” in “Scientific Book. Technical sciences “nomination.  became Oleksandr Cheiliakh, Yan Chaylyah, Yuliya Samotugina for the book” Strengthening Technologies of Material Treatment  “in English and Russian. This text-book was issued within the framework of the European Union project ERASMUS + K2, MMATENG ” Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in material engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process” 543994-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPCR (MATTENG), initiated  by the author of the book Oleksandr Cheiliakh. The text-book  was  delivered  to all -Partner Universities of the MATTENG project, which has been successfully implemented in the educational process of high ranking European universities: KU Leuven (BE) , Technische Universität Berlin (DE), École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (FR), Cracow University of Technology (PL), Jerusalem College of Engineering (IL), Tel Aviv University (IL), Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (IL), Ukrainian Universities:Lviv Polytechnic National University , Lutsk National Technical University , National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and others.

International conference TEMPUS MMATENG the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”

October 19-20, 2016, Priazovskyi State Technical University participated at the International Conference TEMPUS MMATENG, that was held in National University “Lviv Polytechnic”.

PSTU was represented by Prof. Oleksandr Cheiliah, project coordinator for Ukraine, D.Sc., Vice-Rector for Science and Pedagogics and Kateryna Polupanova, Head of International Projects Dept.

Welcome speech of Petter Arras, international project coordinator from KU Leuven, opened the conference. Dr. Arras noted the successful implementation of the project goals and objectives, namely reforming curricula and establishment and operation of Material Engineering Service-Offices and  Materials Information Technology Laboratories .

Prof. AP Cheylyah held a workshop on “Next-generation Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment” in English for teachers of the partner universities and students. Also at the conference, the participants took part in workshops on the theme of “Corrosion education a key for better environment, industry and products,” “Stainless Steel”, “Soft Skills for Engineers”, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at SCE as a Key for Engineering Students Interdisciplinary Teaming, Thinking, Motivation and Success for their Future Life and Career “, “Mechanism of Solidification of metals and alloys”, “Anisotropy in metals and plate forming”,” CREO – virtual prototyping “,” Material Selection,” Introduction to business plan – useful tools to support marketing analysis. ”

The conference was attended by representatives of the National ERASMUS + office in Ukraine, which were highly appreciated with the results of the project.

MMATENG activity provides not only current reforming of the educational process, but is a strong foundation for further cooperation with European partners on the basis of experience, accumulated during three years of project implementation.

Peter Arras, international coordinator of the project, KU Leuven (Belgium) is welcoming the participants

Prof.. Oleksandr Cheiliah is giving his master-class on Next-generation Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment

Статья в Приазовском рабочем

International Conference “University Science-2016”

May 19, 2016 plenary session of the International Conference “University Science -2016”

International Scientific and Engineering Conference «University Science 2016» dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Scientific and methodological section of the International Conference «University Science – 2016: Today Material Engineering for realization of the “MMATENG” project objectives” was held at PSTU on May 19-20,2016. Section of the Conference was dedicated to the implementation of the international educational «MMATENG» project. It was organized by the initiative of Ukraine and PSTU project coordinator Prof. Olexander Cheiliah.

Janusz Mikula – DSc (Eng.), Prof.,Нab. inż., Director of the Institute of Material Science of Cracow University of Technology (Poland); King Kornienko – Phd, Head of International Projects Dept of the Institute of Material Science of Cracow University of Technology (Poland) and Svetlana Chernega – Professor of Kiev Polytechnic Institute made theirs reports at the Conference.

Scientists of Metallurgical and Welding Faculties, Dept. of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals” and “Material Science” made theirs reports and presentations

Materials of the reports on the project «MMATENG» were published in issue No 4: collection of abstracts, which will be transferred to the partner universities in Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Israel.

At the conference, the delegation of Cracow University of Technology, Kiev Polytechnic Institute and PSTU visited PJSC Mariupol. Illich, who joined the project MMATENG +. in 2016 as a participant. During the visit, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of main production shops ща еру the enterprise and discussed with Leonid Tsurkan, HR Director of PJSC Mariupol. Ilyich future activities of the student exchange program between universities.

Meeting of the PSTU Academic Council

On May 5, 2016 at PSTU, at a meeting of the Academic Council D.Sc., Vice-Rector for Science and Pedagogics Olekdandr Cheiliakh made a report on the topic of Analysis of the impact of the international activity of University Departments. The main focus of the report was placed on the positive results of the cooperation of the Dept. of Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals and International Projects Department on MMATENG consortium. Vice-rector encouraged to widen international cooperation through the participation of teachers and employees in international grants.

In addition PSTU rector proposed to introduce the good tradition – to present the scientific work of teachers at the Academic Council. And this tradition was “open” by textbook of Professor Olexander Cheiliakh – «Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment”.

In the framework “MMATENG” project Student Scientific Conference “Science – the First Steps” was held at PSTU on Aptil 18-22, 2016. Students of the Department “Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals”, students from the Mechanical and Metallurgical College and school leavers (grades 10-11) participated at the Conference. Students made reports on the specialty, and on the new courses , for example, “Light weight materials for transport applications.”


Opening Crermony of Material Engineering Service-Office «MESO» and Materials Information Technology Labs (MITL)

March 31, 2016 in Priazovskiy State Technical University an opening ceremony of  PSTU Material Engineering Service-Office and  Materials Information Technology Laboratory will take place.

Among the invited guests – Mayor of Mariupol V. Boychenko,  leaders of large industrial enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, MMATENG + participants and other interested persons.

Buklet MESO

At the beginning of 2016 year, under the conditions of the project, Dept. of Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals was equipped with the latest research equipment in the amount of 30 000 Euros: metallographic microscope for microstructure of metals and alloys researches, 2 modern micro hardness testers, 11 stationary high-performance computers; 2 laptops and more. European Union provided PSTU with software CAD / CAM / CAE, indispensable to perform design works (3D design) and «CES EduPack» – to select materials with given properties, based on the operating conditions.

Honored guests took part at the Opening Ceremony:
First Deputy of Mayor of Mariupol Alexander Goltvenko, representative of the UN Development Program in Ukraine Aleksanr Osovets, Executive Director of the Fund of Mariupol Development Tatiana Lomakina, Head of Investment Projects of PJSC “Ilyich” Galina Sheichenko, Head of the mechanical tests and corrosion studies Dept. of PJSC “Azovstal Iron & Steel Works “Vasiliy Yartsev, Chief of the laboratory of the engineering enterprise “Magma” Marina Zvonareva, Director of Teaching and Research Institute of metallurgy and welding Prof. Vyacheslav Royanov, Deans of faculties, Heads of departments, students and other interested persons. Guests observed new capacities and interesting approaches in the use of materials and the latest focus on the methods of their researches.

MESO PSTU will be included in the International Entrepreneur and Education Electronic Network for the purpose of giving marketing research services; transfer of knowledge, competencies; harmonization of scientific and methodological approaches and techniques in the field of materials science according to European standards, as well as improving the level of professional and practical training of students.

Key focus area of MESO PSTU:

  • creation and implementation of innovation, research and educational programs in engineering materials science based on modern achievements of science, engineering and technology;
  • cooperation with partner enterprises: performance of supporting basis  scientific work, projects, consulting services with research objectives;
  • systematic training of scientific, engineering and technical staff of enterprises, teachers of schools, high schools, colleges, universities est.;
  • disseminate and receive information on the latest developments in the field of new materials and innovative technologies, training techniques and programs
  • via international network;
  • involvement of interested organizations and sponsors;
  • development of new mechanisms to involve students in scientific research;
  • intensification of the international mobility of students, teachers, engineers and technical staff in the materials science field.

Creating of Material Engineering Service-Office «MESO» and Materials Information Technology Labs (MITL) open huge possibility for students to gain upscale profession, improve the efficiency and quality of scientific research, competitiveness in the field of science and education, as well as speed up the mutual recognition by   European countries BA and Ma diplomas on Materials Science. These activities support Ukrainian science and higher education be closer to  European standards.