Development Week at KU Leuven

On 02-06 September 2019, PSTU teachers, who are developing innovative Bioart curricular, visited Development Week at KU Leuven, Belgium , campus De Nayer.

Oleksandr Azarkhov, Dr Sc (Medicine), Prof., Head of the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Yurii Sahirov, Ph.D, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Language Trainings and Bohdan Yefremenko, Ph D, Associated Prof. of the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering participated as the representatives of PSTU at work-shops, which KUL conducted in the framework of Bioart:

1) Seminar on 3D-printing for bio-medical purposes:

  • Additive Manufacturing in biomedical applications, an overview
  • Tissue Engineering @ Kuleuven: a look at Prometheus
  • Tissue engineering and AM opportunities: from tissue to cell printing.

2) The need of corrosion prediction methods for advanced orthopedic medical implants: A Practical Body Stimulation Environmental Aspect.

3) Patient-specific orthopedic implants manufactured by Additive Manufacturing.

4) ALM and campus lab tour, with view of some AM biomedical applications.

5) Company visit Materialise Technology park Haasrode.

6) Seminar on orthopedic implants.

7) Seminar: “Solubility of drugs leads to low bioavailability resulting in suboptimal drug delivery.” “Introducing bio-inspired adhesive-surfaces to the field of biomedical engineering, particularly in oral cavity tissues.” material inspection by means of SEM.

All gained knowledge will be reflected in new BioArt curricula, developed by PSTU teachers.

The work-shop at local PSTU level on the results of training at KUL will be conducted on Sep.20, 2019 at the Dept. of Biomedical Department. BioArt PSTU team kindly invite all interesting persons to join the workshop.

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