On November 2020 the Faculty of Economics of State Higher Education Institution Pryazovskyi State Technical University start to implement Erasmus +CBHE Digitalization of economic as an element of sustainable development of Ukraine and Tajikistan / DigEco 618270-EPP-1-2020-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

The project is call to build capacity of development of innovation digital technologies in economics instead of outdate ones to be in line with Global market challenges by development the Virtual Project Leaning Platform (VPLP) incl. Project Inclusive Educational component (PIE) for education of high skilled specialists in line with labour market, EU best practices and Bologna process in Ukraine (UA) and Tajikistan (TJK).

For PSTU the project aims to fill the demand of Labor market in specialists in digital economics by the implementation of modern trends in the digital sphere of Higher Educational Institutions in accordance with EU best practices for Master’s degree in economics including PIE component according to the Bolonia requirements and EU strategy of Digital Single Market.

Implementations of curricular, which are considered relevant to the needs in Ukraine, inter alia, for the labour market, to make the curricular diverse and internationally focused. Based on the best practices of EU HEIs, highly oriented on digital economics, the study programs can prepare economics students to succeed in the modern digital market. Curricular will be developed by the joint effort of European and Ukrainian Universities, target business and government organizations. By introducing innovative disciplines into the educational process at the interface of digital and economics, PSTU will produce qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements of the digital market. These specialists will positively influence the speed of reforming the economy of Ukraine.

Creation of ViDEL Labs including Project Inclusive Education component will allowed PSTU teachers to participate in workshops in EU HEIs and they will be able to handle the new practices oriented methodology, using the new equipment. Economics students will get the inclusion education as well. VPLP will increase economics students’ employability and improved links between HEIs and business in Ukraines/EU, provide a high quality educational environment via collaboration with key players in digital economics. The aim of the modernization of study program is to train professionals who understanding how organizations can effectively use digital technologies to innovate their business processes, products, services, and business models.

Digitalization of courses and the creation of a virtual platform will give students of the Faculty of Economics freedom to move and in case of unforeseen situations (military actions, disasters) have the opportunity to complete courses and pass modules. Also, this platform contributes to the inclusiveness of education. People with disabilities will be able to gain knowledge and skills without discrimination. ViDEL Labs are equipped with regard to inclusiveness and the needs of people with disabilities, which makes it possible to solve the problem of equality in education and self-realization.

The project will launch innovative partnership model for Stakeholders networking – create basic digital services for use by citizens in the field of education. For launching partnership models of representatives of the digital industry, business and universities, PSTU will develop retraining courses for enterprises, organizations and other stakeholders according their regional field’s needs. Created learning environmental will be the foundation to put ahead to the next higher stage or grade of a course or series of classes as well as for virtual learning for current and perspective DigEco+ Partners, who will have an opportunity to accumulate competence for increasing their competitiveness.

New DigEco study program focuses on the business opportunities and organizational consequences offered by a wide range of digital technologies, including cloud computing, ‘big data’ analytics. Student of the Faculty of Economics at PSTU will learn to function as a bridge between ‘digital technology’ and ‘business’. Combining theory with practice, the programme provides a strong basis on economic, information technology, computer programming. Covering the technologies of digital innovation that play a preeminent role in Fintech, big data management, cybersecurity, distributed ledger technologies, smart contacts, blockchain, machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization.

EU teachers will improve foreign language skills for PSTU economics students and teachers as well to implement the strategy of increasing the English language usage, develop skills in communicating and strategy management with others as well as undertaking important work to drive internationalization at PSTU forward.

Implementation of the innovative method of VPLP incl. PIE will allow economics students of differed specialties be involving in the project, being supervised by EU teachers and improve foreign language skills. The VPLP will encourage to develop global student outlook, elaborate innovative skills and competencies to be a part of full-cycle development innovative company with ethic approach to business relations, mature processes based on new technologies, transparent performance system, opportunity to grow and build a national/international career.

PSTU students will be in the project teams, international enterprises/SMEs will be involved as partners, interested in high-skilled graduates. Teachers will implement new-generation methodology with practical application on VIDEL Labs. As a result, PSTU will graduate top-ranked specialists and the spirit of innovation and innovators would flourish opening the floodgates for the country’s modernization.

Now the DigEco project is on the stage of the trainings which are conducted by academics from Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (Germany), and University of Maribor (Slovenia). From February 25, 2021 till March 23, 2021 the leading teachers from European universities are delivering lectures and master classes on the development of the innovative curricular on digital Economics. All the teacher of the Faculties of Economics are involved in the interactive training process and very soon will start to modernize the educational programs at PSTU according best European practices.