International conference TEMPUS MMATENG the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”

October 19-20, 2016, Priazovskyi State Technical University participated at the International Conference TEMPUS MMATENG, that was held in National University “Lviv Polytechnic”.

PSTU was represented by Prof. Oleksandr Cheiliah, project coordinator for Ukraine, D.Sc., Vice-Rector for Science and Pedagogics and Kateryna Polupanova, Head of International Projects Dept.

Welcome speech of Petter Arras, international project coordinator from KU Leuven, opened the conference. Dr. Arras noted the successful implementation of the project goals and objectives, namely reforming curricula and establishment and operation of Material Engineering Service-Offices and  Materials Information Technology Laboratories .

Prof. AP Cheylyah held a workshop on “Next-generation Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment” in English for teachers of the partner universities and students. Also at the conference, the participants took part in workshops on the theme of “Corrosion education a key for better environment, industry and products,” “Stainless Steel”, “Soft Skills for Engineers”, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at SCE as a Key for Engineering Students Interdisciplinary Teaming, Thinking, Motivation and Success for their Future Life and Career “, “Mechanism of Solidification of metals and alloys”, “Anisotropy in metals and plate forming”,” CREO – virtual prototyping “,” Material Selection,” Introduction to business plan – useful tools to support marketing analysis. ”

The conference was attended by representatives of the National ERASMUS + office in Ukraine, which were highly appreciated with the results of the project.

MMATENG activity provides not only current reforming of the educational process, but is a strong foundation for further cooperation with European partners on the basis of experience, accumulated during three years of project implementation.

Peter Arras, international coordinator of the project, KU Leuven (Belgium) is welcoming the participants

Prof.. Oleksandr Cheiliah is giving his master-class on Next-generation Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment

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