International Conference “University Science-2016”

May 19, 2016 plenary session of the International Conference “University Science -2016”

International Scientific and Engineering Conference «University Science 2016» dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Scientific and methodological section of the International Conference «University Science – 2016: Today Material Engineering for realization of the “MMATENG” project objectives” was held at PSTU on May 19-20,2016. Section of the Conference was dedicated to the implementation of the international educational «MMATENG» project. It was organized by the initiative of Ukraine and PSTU project coordinator Prof. Olexander Cheiliah.

Janusz Mikula – DSc (Eng.), Prof.,Нab. inż., Director of the Institute of Material Science of Cracow University of Technology (Poland); King Kornienko – Phd, Head of International Projects Dept of the Institute of Material Science of Cracow University of Technology (Poland) and Svetlana Chernega – Professor of Kiev Polytechnic Institute made theirs reports at the Conference.

Scientists of Metallurgical and Welding Faculties, Dept. of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals” and “Material Science” made theirs reports and presentations

Materials of the reports on the project «MMATENG» were published in issue No 4: collection of abstracts, which will be transferred to the partner universities in Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Israel.

At the conference, the delegation of Cracow University of Technology, Kiev Polytechnic Institute and PSTU visited PJSC Mariupol. Illich, who joined the project MMATENG +. in 2016 as a participant. During the visit, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of main production shops ща еру the enterprise and discussed with Leonid Tsurkan, HR Director of PJSC Mariupol. Ilyich future activities of the student exchange program between universities.

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