DigEco Kick-off Meeting

On February 12, 2021, the DigEco kick-off conference took place.

At the kick off the DigEco discussed the challenges, which higher education faces in Ukraine, Tajikistan, other Partners countries and Europe as well. We all live in conditions, where higher education must enhance creativities, modernize the educational system, and develop jointly a digital action plan. So, we must cooperate and empower people. We need skills to tap the challenges and the most urgent of them are digitalization and adaptability to new environment.

Honoured speakers Andrea Murzi, Project Officer (EACEA) and Oleg Sharov, General Director of the Directorate of Professional Higher Education, Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine pointed out the importance of DigEco for higher education in the conditions of digitalization.

Svitlana Shytikova , Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine & HERE team and Czarina Nuridinova, Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ office in Tajikistan confirmed the readiness to contribute the partnership with DigEco to improve the awareness, visibility, relevance, effectiveness and impact of the international components of DigEco. National Erasmus+ Offices in Ukraine and Tajikistan are opened to cooperation with partner countries and ready to support and promote all activities related to the project in higher education.

DigEco aimed at creating vast opportunities for digital learning. Thirteen academic courses on digital economics will be developed. The students will be well equipped with the skills required for working in digital business on a global scale.

One of the significant milestones is to create the environment which will help teachers to digitalize their educational process in each Partner University. Digital education is an integral part of inclusive education. Thus, it provides for equal opportunities to everybody willing to receive higher education.

In the framework of DigEco target Universities are going to develop innovative Project Inclusive Education methodology and laboratories with modern and inclusive equipment and software. Adaptation of new curricula and learning environment to inclusive education and creating Platform of Inclusive Education will bring people with disabilities closer to labor market and increase employability of UA, TJK graduates. The significant impact, provided by Vinnitsa City Public Organization of Social Development and Formation of Certain Vulnerable Categories of Youth “Parostok”, focuses on the development of opportunities for people with disabilities to get equal access to higher education.

The Ministry of the Digital Transformation of Ukraine, as the Member of the DigEco Consortium, will support the project at the state level in implementation of DigEco results. Cooperation with the Ministry will let us disseminate the information on DigEco running among target groups at National level and widen the range of the users of DigEco outcomes.

The DigEco consortium created strong international partnership which will ensure smooth project running and reaching the best results.

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