Meeting of the PSTU Academic Council

On May 5, 2016 at PSTU, at a meeting of the Academic Council D.Sc., Vice-Rector for Science and Pedagogics Olekdandr Cheiliakh made a report on the topic of Analysis of the impact of the international activity of University Departments. The main focus of the report was placed on the positive results of the cooperation of the Dept. of Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals and International Projects Department on MMATENG consortium. Vice-rector encouraged to widen international cooperation through the participation of teachers and employees in international grants.

In addition PSTU rector proposed to introduce the good tradition – to present the scientific work of teachers at the Academic Council. And this tradition was “open” by textbook of Professor Olexander Cheiliakh – «Strengthening Technologies of Materials Treatment”.

In the framework “MMATENG” project Student Scientific Conference “Science – the First Steps” was held at PSTU on Aptil 18-22, 2016. Students of the Department “Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals”, students from the Mechanical and Metallurgical College and school leavers (grades 10-11) participated at the Conference. Students made reports on the specialty, and on the new courses , for example, “Light weight materials for transport applications.”


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